Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Spring 2017 Registration

ON-LINE REGISTRATION will open for spring league 2018 for all instructional/recreational players on December 1.  Please note that each new family must create a family profile with Sports Pilot.  You will be able to access this profile at any time.  

We will also require all NEW players (or players that did not play spring/summer 2016 or 2017) to submit a birth certificate to be eligible to play in the league on any existing team.  

**Registration must be done from a computer.  Mobile registration is coming and will have a different link. 

 CLICK HERE for SPRING REGISTRATION 2018 (will open Dec. 1)

Registration instructions for all Competitive and Elite Showcase league coaches

****NOTE about playing down: Players CANNOT play down under any circumstances.  The age of the child on April 30, 2018 is the league age they must play.  Players can opt to play one year up, but never down. We can NEVER make an exception to this rule.


2017 INSTRUCTIONAL DIVISIONS & COSTS (2018 costs and dates coming soon)

* T-Ball 4-5 fee includes shirt and hat.

JYB Division


Age Group


T-Ball 4-5: Introductory League


4 & 5 year olds

5/1/11 - 4/30/13

T-Ball 5-6: Intermediate League 


6 year olds (*open to 5 year olds with 1 yr experience)

5/1/10 - 4/30/11

Coach Pitch 7


7 year olds

5/1/09 - 4/30/10

Coach Pitch 8


8 year olds

5/1/08 - 4/30/09

Instructional 9-10


9-10 year olds

5/1/06 - 4/30/08

Instructional 11-12


11-12 year olds

5/1/04 - 4/30/06

Recreational 13-14


13-14 year olds

5/1/02 - 4/30/04


Will be by team registration only.  Registration opens the first week of December.

Registration instructions are posted above.   

JYB Division

Fee without practices

Practice fee (Optional)
*includes a $10 service fee 

Age Group


Player Pitch 9U

$1200 + $40 reg fee


9 year olds

5/1/07 - 4/30/08

Player Pitch 10U

$1200 + $40 reg fee


10 year olds

5/1/06 - 4/30/07

Player Pitch 11U

$1200 + $40 reg fee


11 year olds

5/1/05 - 4/30/06

Player Pitch 12U

$1200 + $40 reg fee


12 year olds

5/1/04 - 4/30/05

Player Pitch 13U

$1200 + $40 reg fee


13 year olds

5/1/03 - 4/30/04

Player Pitch 14U

$1200 + $40 reg fee


14 year olds

5/1/02 - 4/30/03


Players not currently on a competitive team may send an email advertising that you are looking for a team.  JYB does not offer tryouts for competitive teams.



This league will consist of competitive teams only playing at the select or elite levels.  Teams will play double headers on Wednesdays for 5 weeks.  Ten practices both pre-season and during the season is optional and can be added at an additional cost.  Rained out games will be made up at the end of the schedule. 

JYB Division

Team Fee

Practice Fee (Optional) 
*includes a $15 service fee

Player Pitch 11U

$600 + $25 reg fee

Player Pitch 12U  $600 + $25 reg fee  $615
Player Pitch 13-14U  $600 + $25 reg fee  $615



For players 12 and under: Players that play in other Spring Leagues (Hilti, Bixby, O’Brien, Broken Arrow, Sapulpa, Glenpool, Sand Springs, Tulsa, etc.) will not be eligible to play in JYB league play. Also, players that play on a Tournament/Travel Team will not be eligible to play in JYB league play. Note: Players that play on a school team that plays in a school league are allowed to play at JYB. This rule does not apply to players that are considered 13 & 14 year-old. 13 & 14 year-olds may play at JYB and any other league(s)/team(s).


Most games will be played at the Jenks Youth Baseball complex at Park West in Jenks or Morris Park in Glenpool.  Some competitive or open kid pitch leagues may play at Bales Park located at 58th and Union Ave in addition to the JYB fields or at other parks located in the Greater Tulsa area.


League practices will begin in February and games will begin the Monday after Spring Break.  All games are played at the JYB fields, 201 S. Koa in Jenks, Bales Park at 58th and Union Ave, or Morris Park in Glenpool.  Games will conclude the first week of June, weather permitting.  The league is also accepting applications for coaches at all age groups and skill levels. 

Come participate in some of the best youth baseball in Oklahoma.

If you have questions, experience difficulty with registration, or do not receive an email confirmation, please contact us at to determine if your registration went through successfully.